Higher Truth - Chris Cornell

Higher Truth

Chris Cornell

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2015-09-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16

  • ℗ 2015 Chris Cornell, under exclusive license to Universal Music Enterprises, a Divisio


Title Artist Time
Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart Chris Cornell 3:54
Dead Wishes Chris Cornell 4:55
Worried Moon Chris Cornell 4:32
Before We Disappear Chris Cornell 3:51
Through the Window Chris Cornell 4:41
Josephine Chris Cornell 3:38
Murderer of Blue Skies Chris Cornell 3:42
Higher Truth Chris Cornell 5:06
Let Your Eyes Wander Chris Cornell 3:42
Only These Words Chris Cornell 3:29
Circling Chris Cornell 3:28
Our Time In the Universe Chris Cornell 4:19
Bend In the Road Chris Cornell 3:37
Wrong Side Chris Cornell 5:13
Misery Chain Chris Cornell 4:42
Our Time In the Universe Chris Cornell 3:58


  • A Wonderful Musical Epitaph

    By alfleck
    I've listened to this album consistently since launch, over the last 18 or so months. The fact that just a few days ago Chris killed himself brings new meaning to a lot of these songs. Tunes like Bend in the Road, Through the Window and Dead Wishes all take on new meaning and a new perspective for me. I've been a huge fan since '94 when, at 13 yrs old I discovered Superunknown, probably one of my top 5 albums of all-time. I was an avid listener as I grew up and Chris' songs formed an undeniably important part of my life. I felt an outlet for my teenage rebellion as I took in Superunknown from 1994, mourned the loss of a relationship in '99 listening to Euphoria Morning while attending Art College. His songs spoke to a deeper part of me than almost any other artist, possible exception being Pearl Jam, my favorite band of all time. His voice is and was unparalleled, but I genuinely feel that on Higher Truth it had aged to perfection. Listening to his effortless mastery on Through The Window, Dead Wishes or Worried Moon and I was blown away by his reinvigorated creativity. No-one, ever, has sung like this guy and it was all on full show across the breadth of Higher Truth. I was a huge fan of Euphoria Morning when released back in '99 and had been wishing for a similar album across all of Chris' subsequent releases... Scream and Carry On did nothing for me, even though the latter was somewhat similar to Euphoria Morning as it was more acoustic. For a while I felt maybe he'd lost that 'spark' that was evident across all his work in the '90's. However, this album, to me, serves as the perfect follow up to Euphoria Morning and I felt Chris had rediscovered his creative genius across this sprawling, epic work - in fact, "Through the Window" is possibly my favorite song of his. I'm so sad that this was the last album he released, but I feel it was genuinely his best solo work and as such, a wonderful send-off. I can't believe I'm writing that, he always seemed to me to be the most balanced, mature and comfortable artist of the "Grunge" era. At 52 to feel he had no way out is so sad, tragic and shocking it really has hit me hard. I will miss his presence in the music scene, but this album, and his catalog of work, is testament to his pure, raw talent for his craft. Nobody did it like him, and nobody ever will again. A unique talent, gone too soon. But that's not the reason I'm rating this album 5-stars. It's a stunning collection full of inspired lyrics, musicianship and, of course, THAT voice in the best shape it was ever in.
  • Incredible

    By Mayflower413
    Chris Cornell was an amazing artist. I've had this album since it came out but seeing as this incredible man passed on today (May 18, 2017) I found it necessary to share that this album was truly wonderful and feels like coming home to a wonderful family after a long day at work. My go to album to listen to relax and remember the good times.
  • Great Album

    By Jroeeast
    Some of his best work since the mid 90s.
  • Great album

    By vtergirl
    Love this whole album!
  • Singer for the ages

    By Eyerlen66
    Amazing album and amazing soulful. Nearly Forgot.....Murder in Blue Skies.....Josephine are my favorites. They all soon will be. Every time you listen the lyrics will draw you in deeper and resistance will be futile.
  • A Prevailing artist adds a gem to the musical soup

    By Clifford' Says
    How often can you say an artist who has been around 25+ years is currently still raising the bar? Little to no hype, no pretentious leanings on sentimentality for your dollar. Chris is the real deal because he continues to search for the real deal within his personal experience. Don't hesitate to see him live is you have the opportunity. Listen and you then may understand what words can not express.
  • Amazing

    By Cristhepeople
    Best album by Chris yet
  • Just Awesome

    By 15jedi309
    Just a pleasure to listen to!!!!!!!
  • People that bad mouth this album don’t get it...

    By stonecoldmark316
    For me Chris Cornell has one of the BEST voices in music. Superunknown is a "desert island" album for me and I have loved just about everything he has done. At 43 years old I have zero desire to listen to the single of the month, even now if I put an album on iTunes, I tend to listen to the entire thing. I like albums. I like hearing an entire piece of work. I also want to say that I am passed the stage of searching out and purchasing new music. I have a library that spans the decades, but it is these last 35 years of my life that I tend to stick with. My album purchases are so far and few between, but I will continue to spend $ on Chris Cornell. His words are soothing like that of an old friend trying to talk you off the ledge when life gets hard. In an era where genuine talent is almost non-existent, Chris Cornell’s voice is like the angels in heaven saying, people that actually sing, and play instruments are still here. It’s a breathe of fresh air in what can only be called the darkest era of the American music scene. God Save Us Chris Cornell!
  • My favorite male vocalist

    By Bobblehead Bobby
    I never get tired of hearing Cornell's voice and lyrics. I loved the first song immediately and the rest of the tracks also pulled me in. The more I listen, the more I like. It's probably been a decade since I liked a collection of songs released by an artist this much upon first listen. I love the acoustics and Cornell's unmatched, brutally strong and solid voice.

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