Home of the Strange - Young the Giant

Home of the Strange

Young the Giant

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2016-08-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2016 Fueled By Ramen LLC for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the worl


Title Artist Time
Amerika Young the Giant 4:00
Something to Believe In Young the Giant 3:48
Elsewhere Young the Giant 3:44
Mr. Know-It-All Young the Giant 3:11
Jungle Youth Young the Giant 3:40
Titus Was Born Young the Giant 4:02
Repeat Young the Giant 3:05
Silvertongue Young the Giant 3:17
Art Exhibit Young the Giant 4:03
Nothing's Over Young the Giant 4:24
Home of the Strange Young the Giant 2:36


  • Amerika

    By Kirkwood5150
    Eargasmic as always !!!! 😬❤️❤️
  • Best Band Ever

    Every song on this album is amazing. Everything these guys create is awesome. Pure gold 💛
  • A masterpiece

    By The Alankirk
    This album is truly a journey, an adventure, a masterpiece
  • breathtaking

    By AmazingTurtle
    The vocals on this album are truly amazing. Sameer's voice is outstanding. "Amerika" is something completely different than i've ever heard from their other albums. Can't wait to see what's next!
  • Gorgeous and Incredible

    By Saul1245
    Such an amazing array of sounds and melodies, it's one of the only albums I can listen to entirely and on repeat and never get sick of it. Love everything they make
  • L O V E

    By anc3210
    Before this album I had listened to a few of their other songs, mainly Cough Syrup and Mind Over Matter. Right after I got into Mind Over Matter was around the same time that Home of the Strange came out. I remember feeling somewhat put off by many of the songs after the first run through, specifically Jungle Youth and Mr. Know-It-All but right off the bat I fell in love with Art Exhibit, and later Repeat. As of now I've bought Amerika, Elsewhere, Titus Was Born, and Silvertongue. At first listen these songs may not be what you're used to from Young the Giant, and they may not even be what you like, but it's important to give them a chance. They have a lot of diversity, and have a lot more going on under the surface then what you might first hear. I'm excited to see where else they go from here, and what new music they create. This album is worth a listen, and definitely worth the money
  • Give it time if you're an old fan

    By GriffinPearson
    I was worried when I first started to listening this one, but after about 3 or 4 play-throughs this has become one of my most favorite albums ever. Art Exhibit and Nothing's Over are constantly on repeat. If you don't like this album right away, give it a little time and you won't regret it.
  • Fantastic Sound, Tons of Energy

    By MichaelDKilbury
    My wife had me go with her to see this band in Kansas City. I knew little to nothing about them, but figured id recognize a few songs and HOLY COW they can put on a show. They played a variety of songs form their three albums and there's one thing about this band that trumps almost every other band; THEYRE FUN. I feel the same listening to their albums as I felt seeing them live, one of the only bands that actually makes me want to move while lsitening. If youre on the fence about it, just do it. Buy them. Support them.
  • Solid album

    By LgChicken12
    One thing I loved about their first album was the pop sensibility it possessed without losing the alternative rock feel. This album is substantially different in that the pop influence is largely gone which in my opinion equates to vocals and choruses that aren't quite as memorable. That being said, this is still a really good album. As with most bands, I wish the album had more material and length. I think they missed an opportunity to really develop a great album by adding a couple more songs. Some of the songs end kind of abruptly as well which I feel is a failed opportunity. Overall a good effort that I think could have been special with a few changes regarding the overall feel and direction.
  • True fans be honest

    If you've been a fan of these gentlemen since the beginning then u love them like I do.. that being said you and I have to admit this is their weakest album to date I sincerely hope this is not a sign of things to come.. some of my fav bands have been putting out weak albums THE TEMPER TRAP, TWO DOOR CINEMA, THE BOXER REBELLION.. they're copying or simply trying to put a pop style In their music to make money .. stop guys go back to what made us love u guys in the first place .. in a era where hip hop music is recycled and bad and pop music is well pop lol.. alternative/new wave music should be picking up the slack, not going the same direction.. message to YOUNG THE GIANT u guys are awesome there's no doubt keep it that way

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