Brave Enough - Lindsey Stirling

Brave Enough

Lindsey Stirling

  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2016-08-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2016 Lindseystomp Records


Title Artist Time
Lost Girls Lindsey Stirling 4:35
Brave Enough (feat. Christina Lindsey Stirling 4:23
The Arena Lindsey Stirling 3:52
The Phoenix Lindsey Stirling 4:04
Where Do We Go (feat. Carah Fa Lindsey Stirling 4:15
Those Days (feat. Dan + Shay) Lindsey Stirling 3:46
Prism Lindsey Stirling 3:32
Hold My Heart (feat. ZZ Ward) Lindsey Stirling 3:29
Mirage (feat. Raja Kumari) Lindsey Stirling 4:22
Don't Let This Feeling Fade (f Lindsey Stirling 3:36
First Light Lindsey Stirling 3:23
Love's Just a Feeling (feat. R Lindsey Stirling 3:49
Something Wild (feat. Andrew M Lindsey Stirling 3:44
Gavi's Song Lindsey Stirling 4:32


  • Awesome!

    By Fnomeoal
    Got into this artist through instrumental tracks and ended up really appreciating the songs with lyrics as well. I've definitely been inspired by it all! There's some interesting history here too, especially with this album, which I learned about in Lindsey's movie. Overall, I'm glad to have become a fan. (it's) Very emotional and well constructed music: touching on notes of fun, sad, enchanting, exciting, etc. The hooks & loops are great, right up my alley. I especially enjoy the quirky squeaky voice which pops up every now and then in Those Days. Don't Let This Feeling Fade is a cool one too. Highly recommended!
  • Best Artist Ever! <3

    By Zollo_8
    I love Lindsey Stirling's uniqueness and example that she sets with her life and music. Keep it up!
  • Too many complainers

    By Krimson Rain
    Wow I was reading some of the reviews and was surprised by all the people who disliked the songs with singing in them. I understand some people just want instrument but really to judge an album on 4 or 5 songs with singing in them is kind of lame. I think this album is great and love it with singing is mixed in with a violin or other instruments. I also like songs without singing too. Judge on the quality of the music and the message you feel or get from it, not because you don't like that some have words in them. She's an artist that has a lot of different fields to pull from and the fact she can make them work so well is amazing. Five Stars!!
  • I Am Brave Enough

    By Fubrejvehjb
    This is an inspiring album, you are definitely talented Lindsey!!!!!!
  • Brave Soul

    By Awesome Hot Band Nerd
    Lindsey has inspired me so much! Her music is so beautiful and amazing! I remember after I first heard Shatter Me, the first I ever heard by her, I begged my parents for a violin. They still haven't gotten me one, but I hope that I get one when I'm older. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful music Lindsey! I love you so much!
  • Blew My Mind

    By Unseen Chaos
    I've never rated anything before on here, but I couldn't resist after checking out the amazing tracks on this album. Best violinist I've ever heard, hands down.
  • Enough Brings Evolution

    By stormtrackr
    I can remember watching Lindsey on AGT to many years ago. Pierce didn't seem to care for her at times, but look at her now. She has made herself into the artist she is by going about it her way. Enough brings many featured vocalist into the mix, but you never lose touch with Lindsey. She is still there in each song, doing what she does best.
  • Awesome.

    By Smilesweettea93
    This album was released on my grandparents 52 anniversary. How cool is that?!!
  • Great Album

    By Phoner99
    I feel like Lindsey's first album was groundbreaking and good. Some may disagree but the second and third are even better. A lot of artists seem to be getting worse as they release more albums. I feel like Lindsey just keeps getting better.
  • Amazing

    By Milehigh714
    I never knew I could like the violin soo much. Lindsey Stirling is simply incredible. Gavi's song is for her keyboardist who died of cancer. He was her best friend.