Blonde - Frank Ocean


Frank Ocean

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2017-12-12
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • ℗ Boys Don't Cry


Title Artist Time
Nikes Frank Ocean 5:14
Ivy Frank Ocean 4:09
Pink + White Frank Ocean 3:04
Be Yourself Frank Ocean 1:26
Solo Frank Ocean 4:17
Skyline To Frank Ocean 3:04
Self Control Frank Ocean 4:09
Good Guy Frank Ocean 1:06
Nights Frank Ocean 5:07
Solo (Reprise) Frank Ocean 1:18
Pretty Sweet Frank Ocean 2:38
Facebook Story Frank Ocean 1:08
Close to You Frank Ocean 1:25
White Ferrari Frank Ocean 4:08
Seigfried Frank Ocean 5:34
Godspeed Frank Ocean 2:57
Futura Free Frank Ocean 9:24


  • Blonde

    By Kadoka94
    Frank's release marked the end of an immense waiting period for voice and music created by the emerging and silent musician. As a creative work, Blonde is the type of album that real artists dream of making, but only Ocean can release an album so chaotically experimental that weaves so deeply into the lives of many like him who feel the pain of being one who cannot, or does not, feel as if they are one of their peers. His stories recall past relationships, pain, and reconciliation of what was then and what is now. His delivery is anything but usual, but an artist such as Frank need not worry about the usual delivery methods. Blonde is a four year long masterpiece that marks the beginning of a lifelong journey that Ocean will lead until the end of his career. May that journey lead forever on, because the world needs a real artist among frauds.
  • This album brought me back from the dead

    By Zagat hater
    Thanks frank now im alive again 👌👌👌 This album is awesome
  • The best 😍

    By Diana (
    Frank is honestly the best.
  • YES

    By thesolarproject
    We really begin to see maturity in Frank's work in this album. Was it worth the 4 years? YES. Not only is Frank talented at storytelling with his lyrics, his vocals are also amazing. This album was pretty much life changing for me
  • Art

  • Dope!!!

    By Cracklackahhhh
    Truly remarkable piece of work from Ocean here!! Every single track is sure to bring a different emotion out. Music at it's finest
  • i n l o v e

    By lainamilla
    at first i rated two stars, but i have never had an album grow on me so much the more i listened. keep it coming frank - you're made of talent.
  • Great album

    By JP6IXVI6
    I really enjoyed this album. Frank did an amazing job.
  • TL;DR Blonde, not Channel ORANGE but still 11/10

    By Falkreeth
    I waited four solid years for this album, to the point where I got physically tired of listening to Channel ORANGE. That being said, I listened to Channel ORANGE my fair share of times. Blonde is not the next version of Channel ORANGE that many people wanted. It's extremely different in many ways. The beats and instrumentation aren't nearly as complex, and there are a lot of different vocal effects on this project. If you were expecting a new version of Channel ORANGE, this album is probably not for you. However, from an avid music listener and someone who makes music, this album is fantastic. He spends most of the album talking about where he came from and what made him who and what he is today, where as the previous album didn't didn't touch on those things very much. I believe the biggest issue other people have had going into this new project, and new version of Frank, is that they were expecting a sequel to Channel ORANGE, like, I don't know, Channel BLUE? Or maybe Channel RED? That isn't what Blonde is, and it wasn't Frank's goal to make another version of Channel ORANGE. Each one of the songs on this project are extremely well produced, written, and mastered. There was only one song on the whole thing I didn't particularly care for, and even then I still liked the song, just not as much as the rest. To be honest, this album feels like something Frank has wanted to make for a long, long time, he just didn't have the time or resources to do it, which he now has. Blonde is a fantastic album, and I'm extremely excited what Frank has planned next.
  • Favorite Album

    By Adates3
    Ivy and Self-Control are my favorite songs, and this is an amazing album. GOAT of music. Thank you Frank Ocean