Spirit (Deluxe) - Depeche Mode

Spirit (Deluxe)

Depeche Mode

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017-03-17
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • ℗ 2017 Venusnote Ltd., under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony M


Title Artist Time
Going Backwards Depeche Mode 5:42
Where's the Revolution Depeche Mode 4:59
The Worst Crime Depeche Mode 3:48
Scum Depeche Mode 3:14
You Move Depeche Mode 3:49
Cover Me Depeche Mode 4:51
Eternal Depeche Mode 2:24
Poison Heart Depeche Mode 3:17
So Much Love Depeche Mode 4:29
Poorman Depeche Mode 4:25
No More (This Is the Last Time Depeche Mode 3:13
Fail Depeche Mode 5:07
Cover Me Depeche Mode 4:26
Scum Depeche Mode 5:26
Poison Heart Depeche Mode 4:16
Fail Depeche Mode 5:37
So Much Love Depeche Mode 7:19


  • Just another album that die before it was written...

    By P-body
    The last 3 albums I was hoping for old school music from DM from like albums music for the masses and violator, even some 80's mixes with a little life it in. But man, they have just gone black to lets put a bunch of noises together and see what we get with political under tone. I have heard enough of politics to last me a life time...and people thinking it is a Trump thing, they are British and it has to do with just government in general. Either way the album is a dud with a couple of songs that are ok. Just a tarnished image for me of a once great group.
  • Love it!

    By Nomedik
    Love it!
  • Dark Depeche Mode I remember

    By Altavelocidad
    Love this comeback, a modern take on Violator juiced up with the best of today's Depeche Mode 👌 Playing around the clock at my club
  • The good, the meh, and awesome bits.

    By mEan.MAC
    I've had enough time to digest this album. I will admit that there are songs I like, those that really have grown on me and those that get a "meh". But this is the nature of music albums. We all hope for another album that is chalked full of hits. This one not so much. I really liked Where's the Revolution, but will admit I do hate the "train is coming" injection. It's out of place for me musically. My kids hate it now. Nothing like saturating our music to the next generation in the minivan, hehe. The next best song in my mind is a sleeping classic - Cover Me. It is a song that can grow on you. I really like the ending of it a modern twist to some 80's flavored nostalgia. It really paints summer evenings for me. Some sound tracks would be perfect for Netflix's Stranger Things- the digital gaming sounds. Some crazy good stuff that is. Well Done Martin! You Move & No More are both songs that have some likings. The rest of the album doesn't appeal to me so much, hence the "meh." I do find that DM has a more refined sound than Delta had. This is much smoother. One thing I'll admit is that I gauge how popular the song will be from the work that remix artists do with DM songs. Where's the Revolution is by far the hardest for these guys to tweak. To be honest the single of WtR isn't that great. It is the nature of how the lyrics are sung. They just don't roll with a faster tempo. If you like to wince, Soundcloud has a few there. There are some other song remixes made and yet to be made. I would like to see more of Cover Me, maybe it's own single? All I can say is that I am a long time fan of DM. I look forward to what these artists do together next.
  • What happened?!

    By Paulywan
    I was tempted to buy this album, but after listening to the samples and reading the reviews I can't be bothered with this one. Definitely not the DM I grew up with, and certainly don't need the semi-anti-right politics this album implies.
  • Love it or hate it? It's love for me.

    By stoney groove
    I'm not sure what is more shocking to me...how truly surprised I was by how much I loved this album from the first listen or how scathing the first 10 reviews I read were. Perhaps I'm missing something? I don't agree or disagree with their politics but I love hearing DM music with an interesting, new lyrical approach. Based on the reviews, it seems as though people love it or hate and I love it. Great job guys...I am a satisfied customer!
  • The worst crime....

    By Since80s
    is this album. Contrived, limited, myopic. I would have had more respect for them if they, instead of this album, made covers of Justin Bieber songs. It's that bad.
  • Such a disappointment!

    By littlestar36
    Having been an avid DM fan for 30+ years, I still get all giddy and excited when they release a new album. However, every album after "Playing the Angel" has been sub par and far removed from classics like "Violator" and "Music for the Masses". The lyrics on "Spirit" are wooden, cliché; and in certain instances, downright cheesy. The beats are tired and dull as well. Come on, lads, we expected more from you; this is beneath your talent and skill. Perhaps, they've stayed at the party too long.
  • Really Disappointed - Contrived & Political

    By SYNGEN2
    Sorry to say that this is the worst DM album I have ever heard. Most of the album has a good beat but the lyrics make me cringe. Lifeline DM fan owning everything they have ever made. Hope this is an abberration and doesn't occur again. This is very skippable.
  • Ugh...

    By Sunshine4444
    Too many songs with politics. I expected better from DM. I'm a fan since way back in the day, and I honestly can't find 1 song I really like on this album. Boring and unlistenable. So disappointed. At least I can listen to all their older music from those perfect albums over and over.

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