Spirit (Deluxe) - Depeche Mode

Spirit (Deluxe)

Depeche Mode

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2017-03-17
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • ℗ 2017 Venusnote Ltd., under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony M


Title Artist Time
Going Backwards Depeche Mode 5:42
Where's the Revolution Depeche Mode 4:59
The Worst Crime Depeche Mode 3:48
Scum Depeche Mode 3:14
You Move Depeche Mode 3:49
Cover Me Depeche Mode 4:51
Eternal Depeche Mode 2:24
Poison Heart Depeche Mode 3:17
So Much Love Depeche Mode 4:29
Poorman Depeche Mode 4:25
No More (This Is the Last Time Depeche Mode 3:13
Fail Depeche Mode 5:07
Cover Me Depeche Mode 4:26
Scum Depeche Mode 5:26
Poison Heart Depeche Mode 4:16
Fail Depeche Mode 5:37
So Much Love Depeche Mode 7:19


  • Such a disappointment!

    By littlestar36
    Having been an avid DM fan for 30+ years, I still get all giddy and excited when they release a new album. However, every album after "Playing the Angel" has been sub par and far removed from classics like "Violator" and "Music for the Masses". The lyrics on "Spirit" are wooden, cliché; and in certain instances, downright cheesy. The beats are tired and dull as well. Come on, lads, we expected more from you; this is beneath your talent and skill. Perhaps, they've stayed at the party too long.
  • Really Disappointed - Contrived & Political

    By SYNGEN2
    Sorry to say that this is the worst DM album I have ever heard. Most of the album has a good beat but the lyrics make me cringe. Lifeline DM fan owning everything they have ever made. Hope this is an abberration and doesn't occur again. This is very skippable.
  • Ugh...

    By Sunshine4444
    Too many songs with politics. I expected better from DM. I'm a fan since way back in the day, and I honestly can't find 1 song I really like on this album. Boring and unlistenable. So disappointed. At least I can listen to all their older music from those perfect albums over and over.
  • Seriously?

    By ClearStatic 64
    Crap....total crap. Worst album they have ever done. Out of ideas and melodies.....write a book if you want to try and be "clever".
  • Patience paid off!

    By iceeeee
    I haven't truly connected to a DM album since ULTRA until SPIRIT.. DELTA MACHINE came close.. But this album mixed all of the right elements! Love the guitar mixed with the atmosphere .. Maybe 2 songs that didn't feel right with this album.. But 15 songs out of 17 is a serious plus in my book as a lifetime fan at 41 .. Buy this album if u loved VIOLATOR and songs of faith and devotion and ULTRA!
  • Where did DM go?

    By modelistener
    What a horrible year this is turning out to be. Trump is president and DM has officially managed to write their absolute worst album ever. What kind of awful alternate timeline did I get sucked into?
  • What happened to DM?

    By labrig
    D.M. used to be one of my favorite bands but, man don't push your luck. What a terrible i don't know what cause is not music
  • this piece of work

    By shagdog69
    i have seen danced to these guys for over 30 years . who is this not the mode . i started out with cassette tapes and albums then cd's now on line . come on guy's you have lost it . rethink and go back to what works.

    By drh64
    Worst DM album ever.
  • programming

    By nycsuperdog
    Isn't it obvious already? "where's the revolution...come on people you're letting me down" More propaganda. Nice 7's on the cover, freaks.

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