Be Myself - Sheryl Crow

Be Myself

Sheryl Crow

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2017-04-21
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2017 Wylie Songs, LLC under exclusive license to Warner Bros. Records Inc. for the U.S


Title Artist Time
Alone in the Dark Sheryl Crow 3:40
Halfway There Sheryl Crow 3:59
Long Way Back Sheryl Crow 5:07
Be Myself Sheryl Crow 4:22
Roller Skate Sheryl Crow 3:19
Love Will Save the Day Sheryl Crow 4:58
Strangers Again Sheryl Crow 3:51
Rest of Me Sheryl Crow 3:52
Heartbeat Away Sheryl Crow 5:35
Grow Up Sheryl Crow 3:27
Woo Woo Sheryl Crow 3:14



    By Jahgsyheksousgegsjdh
    First time I heard this album, I thought "eh!" . . . But something made me listen again . . . And again, and again . . . til I realize this is AMAZING! . . . But that's the classic Sheryl Crow hit album. Very well done!
  • Great songwriter!

    By dapmnky234
    This album delivers exactly what I think Sheryl intended. Songs that are fun to listen to. I think any music that is relatable, and has emotional impact, is going to be familiar in some way to other music that you like. Unless you're playing freestyle jazz, or some out-there alternative stuff, you're gonna hear the same chord progressions, with melodies painting them a certain way. Sheryl Crow is gifted at painting them in her own way, and having a universal appeal. I think she made a great record!
  • Love love

    By CC💖🤣🤣🤣💰😄🤣🤣
    It is awesome I was look for music and I saw her album and got it and it was awesome like I said I love love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Staying true

    By K chau
    If you are a fan of Sheryl than you need this album. This is her original sound. Can't go wrong. Didn't realize how much I missed her music until this CD came out. Buy it!
  • A tour through the years of Sheryl

    By Matty478
    I think this album is fantastic! It literally feels like it is drawing from pieces of every album she has made. Some songs remind me of her debut, some of Wildflowers, some of C'mon, C'mon. I think it's a really good blend of all of her sounds and a representation of who she is as an artist. It's going to be a great Summer album to listen to and have some fun with! I literally like every song on the album. Although it may not be quite as edgy as some of her earlier albums, I like the softer, tongue in cheek side of this album with just a few rough edges showing.
  • Not like the first two albums...

    By aplnub
    If this is a return the 1990's, someone forgot to listen to the 1990 albums. I have outgrow an artist's work that I use to connect to.
  • A return to form

    By Johnny Lo
    If you liked Sheryl Crow and Globe Sessions, you will love this album. Not a track I don't enjoy on the album.
  • CROW

    By sabbath40
  • Decent album

    By lightwarrior101
    Love Sheryl Crow and this is a decent album to listen to, although not sure why some are saying she goes back to her roots with this. There is nothing on here that comes close to the classics she once churned out at the start of her music career. If you're new to Sheryl Crow, it's her first four albums you want to get, which were superb! This is a good album musically, but it's not something that will be remembered a decade from now. Since then, Sheryl has experimented with all sorts of different styles that are enjoyable to give a listen to, but they don't warrant much replay. This latest album is nice to listen to, but lacks the magic and passion she once injected into her earlier work that made her a household name to begin with. The proof of that is in the sales of her first four albums, which broke records selling $3-$10 million each. From the 5th album on, each album after that, her sales dropped by more than half and continued to trickle downard with each album release. While this is a decent album, the truth is she hasn't been able to repeat the fantastic work she did with, "Tuesday Night Music Club", "Sheryl Crow", "The Globe Sessions", and "C'mon C'mon". Diehard loyal fans will love this as they'll love whatever she does. I on the otherhand will continue to hope she'll be able to blow us away with a killer album like her first four. This is a good effort, but still missing that great Sheryl from yesteryear.
  • Back to her roots

    By MasenMiami
    Simply put. An excellent album with great vocals and seasoned songwriting. A perfect package ! 5 stars !

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