Heartlites Radio “The Hood”

Heartlites Radio “The Hood”
Country: Canada Canada

Heartlites Radio was created in 2011, rising from the ashes of one of the earliest internet radio stations on the world wide web, then known as “Stardust”. Located in the south end of Columbus, Ohio, steps from the historic German Village community we are the only known locally produced, owned, and operated oldies specific music provider broadcasting world over. “Heartlites” shares the same studio with our sister station “Best Oldies Radio”, each offering different but similar formats, both classic or vintage in nature. While “Heartlites” continues to focus on “Pop Gold” or “Top-40” as we knew it in the 1950s through the 1970s, “Best Oldies Radio” pays homage to the country and western music of those decades!

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penny wright
June 15, 2020

Heartlites Radio, awesome oldies library. Where Music Had To Go To Be Good Again.