Patina - Red Dragon Cartel


Red Dragon Cartel

  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-11-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9

  • ℗ 2018 Frontiers Records


Title Artist Time
Speedbag Red Dragon Cartel 3:24
Havana Red Dragon Cartel 4:14
Crooked Man Red Dragon Cartel 4:34
The Luxury of Breathing Red Dragon Cartel 5:14
Bitter Red Dragon Cartel 4:45
Chasing Ghosts Red Dragon Cartel 5:05
A Painted Heart Red Dragon Cartel 5:15
My Beautiful Mess Red Dragon Cartel 5:35
Ink & Water Red Dragon Cartel 6:07


  • Bark at the Sun

    By Bark at the Sun
    Best album I’ve heard all year. Am a Ozzy, Badlands fan and can add this to the list. Jake is the man but Anthony, Darren and Phil did a great job on this too. Now, if ITunes can add the first two Badlands and Jake’s A Fine Pink Mist my IPhone would be so happy.
  • Well - Jake said it would be different

    By VPDRC
    From the first record, and it is - I just don’t like it- he’s mentioned in interviews that he makes music for himself, not necessarily the fans, but he hopes the fans enjoy it - love all his other work, RDC, Ozzy, Badlands but I don’t care for this record
  • Great work

    By Juicedog72
    The first one almost seemed like a random collection of Jake E Lee songs. This is a Munich more cohesive effort
  • Very Cool. Buy it.

    By Mr Pylak
    Everyone is always taking about Badlands with Jake. That’s because Badlands was something special. I think its hard to reimagine a great band yet do something different and apart from it. I like the bluesy style Jake plays more than the slam. He reminds me of he’s just jamming and everything is flowing out all at once. Sometimes even what seems incoherent just seems to fall into place at the right moment. It’s that catch that makes his talent awesome. There are not a lot of guitar players on this earth that have something like that, and Jake E. Lee does in my opinion. When good writing and a sweet melody join in you get an album just like this. The more you listen and the louder...the more you like it each time. This is a very cool album and like Badlands its one I will play for the rest of my life on a regular rotation. This is NOT Badlands, I don't think it tries to be. This is a cool album from a group of guys that just works.
  • Better than I expected

    By vXEtherealXv
    Honestly I didn't expect this record to be all that good because of the sophomore jinx but I am pleasantly surprised. This is a solid record with some real great catches on it and I like all of the songs-which doesn't happen that often. Every band puts out a record with a stinker or two on it with some exceptions. I still don't care for the vocalist but he is good enough to not be annoying af. I wish the guitar was mixed to have a “bigger” sound but then some of Jake’s small touches might have been missed. He is still one of my favorite guitarists and Im happy as hell he is back again. If you love blues based gritty rock then this record will not disappoint!
  • Why no bonus track

    By -Penguin Person
    Really enjoying Patina but wondering why the bonus track Punchdown thats on the import CD version is not included on the iTunes version or US CD , its not like it can`t fit . Thats my only complaint
  • incredible LP

    By Alphaeon
    Absolutely amazing...
  • Mixed

    By JPulido421
    I’ve been a fan of Jake for decades. His work with Ozzy and Badlands is outstanding. The first Red Dragon Cartel album was s total shift from his writing in the past. Different but the first album was good. I find this second effort to be ok. Somehow, it did not move me as much. The songwriting doesn’t stand out in comparison to his previous body of work. I was expecting more energy and a grittier sound. The mood of the album is kinda slow and the same throughout the entire record. Non the less, I’m happy Jake is making music and is active again.
  • Solid!

    After a couple times through, I think they have created a better album than the first! Awesome job!
  • Huge step up from the debut

    By Nature Of Threat
    This is a total return to form for Jake E. Lee. He has been my favorite guitarist since '83 and a massive influence on my playing. I admit to being underwhelmed with the first RDC album. This album on the other hand.... is very cohesive. The songs are strong. Jake is brilliant. Its a mature album as far as his guitar playing. He really stretches out and uses a ton of colors on this album. For all of you guitarists who want guitar 'hero' stuff, there are still plenty of moments where he really blazes, but overall this is album is more about solid songs and very precise parts delivered the way only a guy as talented as Jake E. Lee can. You can tell that a LOT of TLC went into picking different guitars, amps, pedals combos etc. to paint with a much wider spectrum. Great production, great mix. Give this album a listen. It is well worth it.