The Elements - TobyMac

The Elements


  • Genre: Christian & Gospel
  • Release Date: 2018-10-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ForeFront Records; ℗ 2018 F.L. Inc., under exclusive license to Capitol Christian Music


Title Artist Time
The Elements TobyMac 3:51
I just need U. TobyMac 3:43
Scars TobyMac 4:21
Everything TobyMac 3:20
Starts With Me TobyMac & Aaron Cole 3:53
Edge Of My Seat TobyMac 3:43
It's You TobyMac 4:47
Horizon (A New Day) TobyMac 3:13
Hello Future TobyMac 2:42
Overflow TobyMac 3:16
See The Light TobyMac 3:51


  • Dreynoso

    By Estreo
    I am a real fan of Toby Mac songs but my parents won’t let me buy the album or a song.😔
  • Toby

    By Zane Copper
    I’ve been reading some of the reviews already up and I’m... sad, I suppose. I’ve listened to Toby since I was I was a kid and he’s always been a classic for me. I pull one of his songs out whenever I need a pick-me-up or an empathetic voice. I feel like he’s lost some of his fire in this record, however. He definitely has a gem or two, but it’s not like Eye On It where every song is an expression of thanks, praise, love and hope — though I guess you can’t replicate an album like that. The main bangers that everyone’s been raving about — I just need U, Scars, Everything, and Starts With Me — are pretty good overall, and the message is great, but I feel like Toby didn’t accomplish the complete potential in those songs. They’re great to jump around to, think about, and share with friends, but they’re not Toby. They’re not his style. The rest of the songs? Hard to listen to. Yeah, awesome lyrics, but the backing tracks felt so common and the climaxes were a let down. The album as a whole felt slightly repetitive, and truthfully? Mainstream. Maybe that’s what Toby’s going for, but he’s got a reputation for paving a way for his own style. Overall a great message, but a disappointing outcome. Hey, Toby. Love you, love your music, love what you do, and don’t let this get you down! Hope to see you come back with stuff that’s more in your “element”!
  • Amazing

    By Lis is here
    I love it and no matter what he sings I probably will!!! My favorite song is definitely “Steal My Show” or something like that.
  • Tobys music influenced my life and now my kids!

    By REALeighton
    I’ll be driving down the road and listening to Toby and see in the rear view mirror my kids smiles, the joy of Lord and moving to the music the same way DC talk used to draw me into Jesus as a kid in the 80-90s. Jesus Freak music for generations. ❤️
  • TobyMac is Da Man

    By Tobymac Fan #7
    One thing I love about TobyMac is that he shows God in everything (get it) and that was in the Bible to show God in what you do so keep it up Toby 😃😃
  • Just keeps gettin better and better

    By IAMSavedchick
    Toby's latest ablum is proof that he is more in tune with God now than ever! LOVE IT!
  • This album is “Everything” I need!

    By JackRy22
    I love all the new songs they are just what I want to hear!!👍🏽❤️
  • Great Album

    By SarahS_VirginiaLover
    Was Your Greatest loved everyone of them. If I had to pick a favorite Scars would be the one. Keep doing what you love
  • Booty twerking good!

    By Agapeluv_83
    Is it wrong that I twerked my big ole butt around the whole apartment the night I heard this record! One cheek, two cheek and up they went up and down on nearly every song 😃
  • Yay!!!

    By Kendallleq
    It’s finally here!!!!! Love love love this album! Been listening to Tobymac for as long as I can remember, and this album is amazing!!