Glory Sound Prep - Jon Bellion

Glory Sound Prep

Jon Bellion

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2018-11-09
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2018 Capitol Records, LLC


Title Artist Time
Conversations with My Wife Jon Bellion 3:26
JT Jon Bellion 4:28
Let's Begin (feat. Roc Marcian Jon Bellion 5:40
Stupid Deep Jon Bellion 2:58
The Internet Jon Bellion 3:09
Blu Jon Bellion 3:03
Adult Swim (feat. Tuamie) Jon Bellion 5:13
Couples Retreat Jon Bellion 3:28
Cautionary Tales Jon Bellion 3:47
Mah's Joint (feat. Quincy Jone Jon Bellion 8:01


  • That’s Jon alright!

    By GraceF1303
    It’s a very good album that is unlike any other. If you don’t like it, I recommend listening to it a few times before you make your opinions set in stone. I’m giving it 4 stars solely because I like the beats on human condition better.
  • This is crazy.😂

    By That random dude🕴🏼
    I feel bad for the review I made when this album came out. Jon has been talking about how people won’t feel this album when it comes out because it wasn’t like his last album, and he was right. But this album has been growing on me ever since and it is literally the only thing I listen to now. I can’t wait to hear this man live. See you in SAN FRAN😄
  • Give it a chance

    By XxGamer50xX
    A lot of these bad reviews have valid points, but one thing that I’ve noticed is the longer I’ve listened to this album the more the negatives go away and I now see that this is a phenomenal album. Granted there are two songs that I’m not a huge fan of but that’ll happen in every album someone releases, so overall this is another amazing album created by the amazing (not underrated) Jon Bellion
  • Listening on repeat

    By Lilaguilera
    He is who is is, an that's that.
  • Not A Fan Of This

    By Jonlzt
    I really like Jon’s vocals and his creative sounds/lyrics. The Human Condition was so well-made. A musical high. Songs literally flowed into each other. I get artists always try to make something new, but this does feel a bit.... amateur. Like he was playing with sounds/styles and hadn’t quite found what works. Hoping the next will redeem Jon from this low point.
  • Lit As f**k

    By Vhvggggff
    Been waiting for one year for this to come out. Not the best album he’s made. A few songs out of the ten (blu, the internet, convo with my wife, stupid deep, JT) were just what I like to hear from him. Lit AF
  • Great

    By Ydedqnsbceu
    Amazing album

    By A is for awesome 4325701
    i was trying to keep on top of jons music and realised i was a month late for this amazing album! i keep reading reviews and i don't know why people are so disappointed! of course it's not going to be like human condition cause it's not! jon strives for a different sound with every song he writes so i just don't understand why people at disappointed. also i read a review that said this album was all over the place. the human condition did have a running theme throughout each song and all tied together at the end, but this album is different! i don't think it's all over the place, and each song does focus on a certain idea whether the inspiration be from jon directly or society today. for example the song 'stupid deep' was put on this album to "heal someone" as jon says in the making of video. anyways if you don't like the album just don't listen to it and carry on. jon created an album that i believe really speaks to him as an individual and to his fans and others as well. now i'm off to listen to glory sound prep on repeat again.
  • Jon b

    By breckin the cool guy
    Has good music but should not swear so much
  • Nice but...

    By Bubblepopper121
    I’ve spent the past two years listening to mostly Jon Bellion and I feel like this album was a big step in his career, but does not show the skill he has. The Human Condition was an album that had a story to it and all the songs connected at a point, while this album just shows his range. Other than that I am not disappointed as these songs are great individually. My favorite being Cautionary tales.

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