Chamber Music Society - Esperanza Spalding

Chamber Music Society

Esperanza Spalding

  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 2010-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2010 Heads Up International a division of Concord Music Group


Title Artist Time
Little Fly Esperanza Spalding 3:33
Knowledge of Good and Evil Esperanza Spalding 7:59
Really Very Small Esperanza Spalding 2:44
Chacarera Esperanza Spalding 6:40
Wild Is the Wind Esperanza Spalding 5:37
Apple Blossom Esperanza Spalding 6:02
As a Sprout Esperanza Spalding 0:41
What a Friend Esperanza Spalding 4:54
Winter Sun Esperanza Spalding 6:48
Inútil Paisagem Esperanza Spalding 4:38
Short and Sweet Esperanza Spalding 5:52


  • Priceless, Genius, Inventive, Timeless, Ever-Interesting

    By Aryae
    No matter how many times I listen to this album, I get something new from it…and I’ve been listening to it since it came out, so already that’s five whole years of deep gratification from a single album. How many other (modern) albums can do the same for a person? Esperanza Spalding is a true genius and scholar, and this is one of the few albums I’ve heard where I genuinely love every single track. Additionally, I think it’s one of the best albums of all time in the jazz world, and it should be heralded right up there with Kind of Blue and Giant Steps, etc. Thank you for this gift, Esperanza!
  • Nothing shy of EXCELLENCE

    By Nubi Q
    Smooth cords, angelic voice, and just a unique piece of art wrapped up in a small package. Love every song and each song touches your spirit definitely. Great album!
  • Nothing shy of EXCELLENCE

    By Nubi Q
    Smooth cords, angelic voice, and just a unique piece of art wrapped up in a small package. Love every song and each song touches your spirit definitely. Great album!
  • Beautiful.

    By Erika A.
    Her music is moving and unique, but I saw her recently live in New York and it was truly a moving experience. She is wonderful, charismatic and her music is multi-layered in a way that fills the room with her sound that resonates in the very souls of those listening in the room. The tracks she played off this album were some of my favorites. She's really fantastic. I recommend her, and I recommend seeing her live too. She is amazing.

    By absolutG229
    the MUSIC speaks for itself..Ms Spalding will go far …years from now her POPULARITY will be norm …continue your musical VISION..and please don't sell out to record companies just to please the masses ===
  • Refreshingly original

    By Jazzy Jared
    I have all of Esperanza Spalding's albums because they are honestly enjoyable to listen to again and again. Although this album took some getting used to, I really enjoy it now and it was definitely worth purchasing. I am glad that the Grammy's awarded "Best New Artist" based on musical talent and not on popularity. All of her album's are great, but Esperanza and Radio Music Society are my favorite's. The only bad thing abou Esperanza Spalding is that she doesn't have more music.
  • To jb fans

    By Bobz cousin
    Just because you think jb should have won the Grammy doesnt make this bad music. Maybe if she hadn't won Florence might have won.
  • Wrong Poet

    By kmderm90
    The poem, "The Fly," was written by William Blake, not Walt Whitman Music is excellent!
  • Awesome

    By PlayHowYouFeel
    I used to be a jazz purist, but I've been growing up and realizing that being a purist of anything is shutting out true innovation from coming into your small little world. For everyone who thinks this isn't "Jazz", wake and smell the future. This is very much Jazz in definition as well as in execution, but it is not hard bop, which a lot of people think is the end-all of Jazz. It's not, it's just the most challenging for listeners and players. If music was solely supposed to be a technical work out, then we would get very tired of listening to it very quickly. This is beautiful stuff, and her winning that Grammy ALMOST makes me respect the stupid award show, but It's still trash and has nothing to do with real music. Support a fine up and coming (and freaking GORGEOUS) musician.
  • wow

    By chip tha rip
    This is a true piece of art from an amazing artist. Esperanza Spalding inspires any jazz or non jazz listener to enjoy her music.

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