Into You

Ariana Grande

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2016-05-24
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:15

Music Video



    By catlover1758
    Im just obsessed with this song and how it sounds for some reason (Probably because it reminds me of my crush) but I just love the beat and the lyrics. Just the sound of it gives me a weird feeling inside, but a good one, of coarse. Every single one of Ariana's songs remind me of my crush from school. Especially Side to Side. Also Dangerous Woman and Into You and Santa Tell Me and Bang Bang and No Tears Left To Cry. It’s just this one the most for some reason. I absolutely love this song and this is one of the single best music videos I have ever seen in 11 years!! It gets stuck in my head all the time and I just cant explain it in any more words!!! Love Catlover1758 (A.K.A Ariana's #1 fan) P.S. If you never heard anything from Ariana, you need to start listening right now. Trust me, it IS AmAzInG. Just amazing. Keep up the great work, Ariana Grande #Favorite singier
  • So cute!!

    By Da PENIS
    It’s too cute!! I love thiz
  • Another boring Ariana video

    By Spongeswift
    Ariana has never had a great video maybe a few exceptions but this adds to the pile of her ok or not very good videos. Fans will eat it up but people who aren't fans will yawn when they are done watching the video.
  • Super fantastic beat and lyrics that seriously kick it

    By Alan Tegel
    The song has a fantastic run with it and for the guys when she is singing you get "that fantastic tingle" that you can picture with your current woman or a future woman (or partner). The video goes well and doesn't distract (too much) from the song ...

    By moonlightshelby
    This era is going to be fire 😩👏🏼
  • Dirty Ari

    By FOB+ALT4evar
    Dirty dirty, Bleh
  • Copycat

    By Leo💭
    This is a rip off of Rihanna's we found love and Justin bieber's what do you mean and Lana feel Rey ride this is really dumb
  • Really Worked With The Song-Great Video

    By MusicalMashup
    I thought this video really worked with the song, It’s about a person who is madly in love with another. Sure, it’s not super creative but it is a good video. The song is just amazing and I’ve always been impressed by Ariana’s songs. I’m going to be honest, her last two videos (“Let Me Love You” & “Dangerous Woman”) were not that amazing, it was just her rolling or walking around a room looking all sexy and the videos just seemed dull and boring but this video is fun and energetic and I just adored it.
  • gr8

    By Haagvzgahas
    Ariana's best msc yet
  • Yes

    By Meghantrainorperson

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