Where the Streets Have No Name


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2006-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 7:12

Music Video


  • The Greatest Video!

    By Echo Muse
    No other band can compare to the impact this band has had and still does.
  • Oh for the Days!

    By Octavian14
    Oh for the Days, when America seemed a better place, when despite the anger and tension that loomed in the corners of society, we, those of us who were alive and aware, knew there was love to be found; love, joy, and peace. To me this day was a highlight. I was not there but lived in Northern California at the time, in San Francisco, and what happened that day in L.A. resonated all the way up the coast. It made us hope and dream of being able to be a part of something greater than ourselves; something for the benefit of others. Now, even all these many years later while I watch this, I am not only brought back to remember the moments when I first saw this, but I am overjoyed to see that it still holds the same power over me today and it did 20 years ago, pushing me to stand up and inspire those around me. The love, unity and joy that was shared that day in L.A. was seismic. The effect it had was systemic, and the mark it made was permanent. during those few years mucis and social activism married each other, and it's goal was the propogation of love through respect for one another, and through a deeper understandnig of the true powers that ally themselves with our souls.
  • U2 I was there that day....

    By paz92104
    oh boy does this video take me back....I was there that day when they filmed it...I remember when one of the local radio stations(KLOS and kiQQ)..started saying that there was a video that was being filmed in downtown L.A. that morning....it started of small then the crowd started to get bigger me and my friend eddie had a great time....and there was no rioting,no fighting it was all good.......thanks for the trip down memory lane
  • Utterly phenomenal

    By Anthropology and Dogs!
    I love this video because it captures everything I remember about Joshua Tree’s release back when I was in high school. People went INSANE for this album - it was so moving and passionate and beautiful. If I’d been in LA, I’d have been climbing streetlights to watch this, too.
  • New Year’s Day Video.

    By Marc Guimaraes
    Thank you so much for the new album it is very nice. I just would love to have the New Year’s day video listed in here as well. I still remember the first time that I saw it on MTV it was just great and from there on I knew this band would be BIG. Please, include that video in your collections also I’d love to have it back in my Library. Thank you.
  • Love this video

    By Cooliowhenuknowme
    I think they got the idea from the Beatles on Let It Be. They did a great job. I remember watching this when I was a kid. fun to watch then and fun to watch now
  • Awesome

    By Ec500
    Favorite thing is the crowd. What an amazing feeling.
  • it just doesn

    By dlminSF
    this gives me chills to see this again. takes me back and remains a favorite! do not judge by the preview - you are missing out if you do.
  • Where the Streets Have No Fame!

    By LedZepMaster
    I Hate It...No I'm just kidding. I love U2. I just felt like making that pun. "Where the Streets Have No Name" is one of their best. Anyway, I was kidding about me hating it, I love U2, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith!
  • This is so COOL!!!!!

    By I Will Follow Bono
    I love this video so much! I love the idea of singing on top of a roof, and i love how the dude is dancing in the street! I would totally do that to, cause this song is so awesome! Also, i love the people watching from their apartment windows and the people holding a sign out the window that says U2 on it!!!!!! i wish they would come to the town i live in and do a video on top of a roof! If you love this song as much as i do, YOU WILL LOVE THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!