All Around Me


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2007-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:33

Music Video


  • laceys voice

    By Kwilliamson ;)
    so inspirational and lacey has such a majestic beautiful voice. Holy Spirit get me every time i listen to her. if you havent checked it out yet, Lacey Sturm & her husband Josh, have an album coming out soon! cant wait plus her book is out also. Praise God for her & Josh & her two little boys!
  • Awsome song

    By Himkill84
    i love this band even though im athiest, they still make some killer music, YAY FLYLEAF!
  • One of my favorites

    By Klums2
    This is a great video. The idea is freaking amazing as well. And Lacey is my favorite female singer. I mean fifer Adele, FLYLEAF ALL THE WAY! And Tyler, you might want to ind a new line of work if you are a professional critic that says Flyleaf isn't Christian. I mean she says that their faith comes out in their music. I mean who else would she feel all around her? And if you need more proof (with your intelligence level it looks like you might) just listen to Cassie. I mean it talks about Christians during Columbine. Lacey even says "my sister Cassie." Last time I checked, they're not actual sisters. Grow a brain
  • Good

    By Tcoot
    I THINK IT'S FABO!!!!!!!!!!!!!PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Really Good

    By Popmypopcorn345
    I've never heard of flyleaf until my best friend Cnote told me about them. They are really good
  • ehhh

    By thatmorriskid
    You really have to listen to it in order to really want to buy it. But yeah, they're good.
  • Beautiful

    By ♥Paramore's Biggest Fan 4ever♥
    The song is about God! This video is just so incredible! And the song is too! Creative, colorful, I just can't stop watching it! You have to get this!! Please get this! It'll not only make Flyleaf happy, it'll make you happy, too! Plus, if you watch an interview about what Lacey Mosley went through in her earlier years, you'll understand why most of the songs they write about God. They're songs are so amazing. Flyleaf rocks!
  • 11 years old and i still listen to them.Flyleaf rocks!

    By Lula!
    i love flyleaf! Ive been a fan ever since i was 7 years old.It doesnt seem like your listening to christain rock.I'm glad they didn't break up.They almost did.
  • Wake up

    By Tjpll85
    Alot of you people must be blind and deaf, this song is definitely about god. 99 percent of their material is about god. And Lacey writes most of it based on life experiences. Listen to Swept away and tell me they're not a Christian band. Awesome song and video tho, just like everything they do.
  • Wow

    By Knarlyman
    If you look her up in the wikipedia and check her background you'd be surprised(she did drugs at the age ten)

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