Bad Romance

Lady Gaga

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2009-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:07

Music Video


  • iconic

    By Queen Satan
  • The definition of artisitic

    By MMA Gamer guy
    Always an iconic and defining moment in pop music.
  • Well...........

    By MaddieLA2791
    Dont get my wrong! I love the 'Oh la, oh lala, gaga o mama' part, but this music video is quiet frankly, wierd.
  • I love Gaga

    By Guill Vdles
    Best video ever.
  • I r

    By OldDadWillametteBearcat
    Really rneed wereeere
  • Yay!

    By KatQ
    Lady Gaga is amazing!
  • The most iconic video of the last 2 decades!

    By j90skid99
    This music video is one of the most creative videos I've ever seen! It is hands down 1 of my favorite videos of all time, and of course the song isn't bad either!
  • Ok let's get this straight

    By TyrannicalTabbyCat
    Bad Romance is totes my fave song and then the video is THIS?!! TREE COSTUMES?!! Are you trying to date an OAK?!!
  • Queen

    By Shelbaygaga
    Lady Gaga is a queen and will forever be the greatest, most unique, caring, loving, Mother Monster to ever exist. This music video will forever be one of my absolute favorites! Pure talent xoxo
  • Perfection

    By Gagaslayseveryone28
    Bad Romance is the best song and video of the entire new century 😍😍

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