Nine Inch Nails

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2005-07-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:29

Music Video


  • LoL

    By Chuyita1397
    Dude for some reason it let me see the whole thing in the preview... Weird but cool i guess..
  • iTunes, you ruin art, not cool!

    By Jo0
    Block censorship is a threat to my freedom as a mature adult.
  • Still Waaiiiittiiiinnnngggg!!!!!!!

    By *PopsiCKo*
    iTunes, from now on I'm gonna start writing reviews regarding issues about the videos that I want to re-purchase for not showing explicit content or language.Can you guys please, I beg u to please add the explicit version of this video? I think it would be our decision to decide whether we want to buy an explicit version or a clean one. It would best benefit you guys to add both versions of a music video. I mean don't get me wrong, 'cause I know u guys have been doing that; I meant to say adding the explicit version first would be recommended. You guys might skip a few videos, like on this one. That's why I give them 3 stars. Thanks!!!
  • Ha!!!! I love those pin things!!!!!!!

    good vid to if yur angry at me fer not taking it seriously
  • this video is awesome, but we NEED MORE

    By scott-family
    i love the effect of trent in the weird little office toy thing, but iTunes needs the Broken videos. also The Perfect Drug. click yes if you agree.
  • Need to get Perfect Drug!!!

    By jypweb
    Out of all the music videos I expected to see pop up under Nine Inch Nails, Perfect Drug was #1 on my list....but it's not!!! Itunes! Please!!! Get us that music video!!!
  • Thanks iTunes

    By stebra
    I would like to thank iTunes for giving us a chance to watch great videos like this since MTV does not show videos any more.

    By skeptic_girl
    This video is very clever and artistically done...but where is Closer? The Wretched? Hellooo iTunes, listen to your customers!!!
  • great video, lousy compression

    By Beezus
    The compression is pretty poor and looks really bad on TV. To make matters worse it is not letterbox and it is the sissy "clean" version. I hope the itunes video starts looking better now that TV is out. Stuff that looked decent on iPod doesn't look so hot on a TV.
  • cool

    By Totalace
    cool i love thoes pin immpresion things there fun

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